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when added to home phone.

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Why Verizon High Speed Internet?


Do you love streaming? How about sharing photos? Do both and more with Verizon High Speed Internet. Customers count on Verizon for reliable internet access. For a connection that’s faster and more reliable than dial-up, it’s hard to beat the affordable price of Verizon High Speed Internet.

Wi-Fi to go

When you choose Verizon, high speed internet isn’t all you’ll get. Thanks to Verizon Wi-Fi*, you can stay connected even when you leave your home. Verizon customers have access to free, secure hotspots in hotels, airports, and cafes worldwide. (Not all high speed internet providers offer this convenient feature!)


Do you find yourself wondering, “how can I get high speed internet in my area?” If so, call us. Our Verizon High Speed Internet experts can help you find the right package for your home. With Remote Assistance, 24/7 access to online guides, and the option to add Tech Support Pro to your plan, we’re here to help as soon as you order.

Types of high speed internet providers

Learn more about your options.


Satellite internet customers get online via a specialized modem and satellite dish. Satellite internet service is available even in remote communities that many high speed internet providers don’t service. The tradeoff is, satellite internet connections can be prone to latency, or network delays that affect internet speed. A satellite internet connection may not offer enough speed for data-heavy requests like streaming.


Cable providers deliver internet and television via the same network of copper wires. Mid- to upper-tier cable internet plans can offer ample speed for media-rich activity like streaming and online gaming — but performance comes at a price. Some cable plans can be more expensive compared to comparable options from other high speed internet providers.


A DSL connection uses the telephone network to deliver broadband internet. Because DSL works via existing infrastructure, it’s widely available outside of major cities. DSL is a good fit for many, offering affordable plan options and reliable speeds. With Verizon High Speed Internet, you’ll get fast, economical DSL internet via a direct line from our central office to your home. That means a connection you can count on — and a plan that fits your budget.

Fiber optics

Need ultimate speed and reliability? Check out fiber-optic internet. Verizon Fios Internet is powered by an advanced fiber-optic network, which delivers internet via tiny pulses of light along high-bandwidth, low-resistance fiberglass cables. Fios customers get upload speeds as fast as their download speeds, up to a whopping 500 Mbps. Availability can vary by neighborhood; call today to find out if your home is eligible.

How to compare high speed internet providers

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Speed tiers

When you set out to compare high speed internet providers, performance is one of the factors you’ll consider. Larger families, users with many internet-connected devices, online gamers, and those who work from home usually require moderate to high internet speeds.


Some internet providers also offer other home services as well. Consider bundling multiple services with the same provider for convenience and extra savings. Verizon customers can bundle high speed internet with home phone service and a variety of TV plans.

Special offers

If you choose to bundle your services, some providers offer special promotions on select bundle options. Want to find out if your preferred bundle is eligible for any promotions? Call us today. We’ll help you compare plan options to discover your ideal bundle.

Connection type

Different internet services have different strengths and limitations. Unlike some high speed internet providers, Verizon DSL offers a direct line from our central office to your home. Compare different types of internet providers to decide which fits your needs and budget.

Go even faster with Verizon Fios.


You might be wondering, how is Fios Internet so fast? Future-ready fiber optics give Fios customers a serious boost. Matching upload and download speeds up to 500 Mbps will get you where you want to go and allow you to share photos almost as quickly as you can snap them. For power users, telecommuters, and streaming-media lovers, Fios is an excellent choice.


A fiber-optic Fios connection offers plenty of bandwidth to share — enough for everyone in the house to stream, play online games, and browse all at once. If you’re interested in upgrading to fiber-optic speed, reliability, and bandwidth, call today to learn about Fios availability in your area.

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