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What is fiber-optic Internet?

Fiber-optic Internet, delivered through strands of glass, is a blazing fast means of telecommunication delivery. Capable of speeds many times faster than cable, fiber-optic Internet is a popular choice for Internet service, where available.

Telecommunications companies use fiber optics for Internet, telephone and cable television signals.

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What are fiber optics?

Fiber optics is a way to send data through strands of glass no thicker than a human hair. Data can travel the way light does – ultra fast. A reflective sheath encompasses the fiber. This helps the strand conduct the signal, even for long distances and around bends.

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Why choose fiber-optic Internet?

Fiber optics vs. metal communications lines

Technology turns toward fiber optics as a replacement for antiquated copper wires. New infrastructure operates on fiber-optic networks, installed in place of metal wiring.


Bandwidth. Unlocking the full potential of the Internet requires taking fiber all the way to the customer’s home. A 100% fiber network offers more bandwidth and reliability than cable. Indeed, Fios® has symmetrical bandwidth capacity for both uploads and downloads.

Efficiency. Glass strands that deliver fiber-optic Internet weigh less than copper wires. The ways they’re made and protected gives them an advantage for less interference when they send data.

Technology. A digital format is natural for computer data. Fiber optics sends data digitally. Your device doesn’t have to translate the data upon arrival the way it must through cable networks. A cable or DSL network must translate data analogically for transmission. Then it must translate again upon delivery.

What can I do with fiber-optic Internet?

Watch with virtually no buffering. Fiber-optic Internet can download media-rich files such as movies and music in an instant. You will be less likely to have a disruption as your connection struggles to catch up.

Video chat seamlessly. Fiber-optic Internet speeds are fast both upstream and downstream. This means in a video conference, what you say and what you hear can be delivered at the same speed.

Play in real-time speed. Online gaming needs quick download and upload speeds, as well as low latency or delay to succeed. To succeed, fractions of seconds count. Fiber-optic Internet has the heft to keep up with your every move. Fios is an Online Gamer’s Nirvana with incredible bandwidth, speed and low latency to win big over your online competitors.

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