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Verizon FiOS Internet Internet Rated #1 in speed - 3 years in a row.1

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FiOS® Internet 25/25 Mbps
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"Astronomically good upload speed to go with its download speed" - PC Mag.com3

FiOS® Internet is PC Magazine Readers’ Choice Award winner 9 years in a row and consistently rated #1 by PC Magazine in speed, reliability and customer satisfaction.4 In some areas of the country, Internet speeds can even reach 500/500 Mbps.

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Verizon FiOS Internet Speeds

25/25 Mbps Great for everyday browsing, email, shopping and social networking.
FiOS QUANTUMSM INTERNET 50/50 Mbps Upload and download in a flash. Plus, stream video and game online virtually lag-free.
FiOS QUANTUMSM INTERNET 75/75 Mbps Rocket fuel for your computer. Perfect for homes that have multiple devices on the internet at the same time.
FiOS QUANTUMSM INTERNET 150/150 Mbps The gold standard for serious internet users. Multiple devices doing intense activities all at once are no match for this speed.
FiOS QUANTUMSM INTERNET 500/500 Mbps The premier speed for multiple hardcore Internet users. Connect all your devices and push them to their limits—this speed won't let you down.
FiOS Internet Features
  • Now with faster in-home Wi-Fi speed and improved signal strength.5

  • Capable of supporting multiple web-enabled devices all at once

Combine all three FiOS services and manage them with MY FiOS™ App.6

Switch between other Verizon Apps that let you watch On Demand movies, record shows on your Multi-Room DVR and check your Verizon voice mail.

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FiOS Quantum

FiOS QuantumSM is the fastest tier of Internet speeds Verizon has to offer. With speeds that can reach 500/500 Mbps in some areas of the country, your download and upload time will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

  • Download a 2-hour HD Movie (5 GB) in 1.4 minutes***
  • Upload a PowerPoint presentation (5 MB) in .4 seconds***
  • Download 20 high-resolution photos (100 MB) in 1.6 seconds***

With FiOS Quantum Internet speeds, you’ll be able to push all your web-enabled devices to their limits.

Which FiOS home Internet package is right for me?

If you tend to download large file sizes, such as HD movies or a significant amount of high-resolution photos, faster FiOS Quantum Internet speeds from Verizon will keep your productivity levels up and your lag time down.

For heavier Internet users, the FiOS 150 Mbps/150 Mbps speed tier can download a 2-hour standard definition movie (1.5 GB) in under 2 minutes.***

However, not everyone needs the highest Internet speed available. Depending on what you want from your Verizon online experience, you may find that speeds in the middle or on the lower end are just right for you.

Lighter Internet users may opt for the FiOS 50/50 Mbps speed tier, which could download the same 2-hour standard definition movie (about 1.5 GB in size) in less than 4 minutes.***

Improve your home Internet experience

FiOS Internet is a PC Mag Reader’s Choice Award Winner 9 years in a row and consistently rated #1 by PC Mag in speed, reliability and customer satisfaction.4

Turn your home into an entertainment hub with the capabilities of fiber-optic Internet. Verizon FiOS Internet can handle multiple devices simultaneously:

  • Downloading SD or HD movies on your tablet
  • Streaming online radio stations on a smartphone
  • Uploading hundreds of high-res photos on the computer
PC Mag Reader's Choice Award

Bundle Verizon Internet service with additional FiOS services

Internet bundles with other fiber-optic services from Verizon allow you to take full advantage of the FiOS network.

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Triple Play with Verizon FiOS Internet


All Verizon FiOS services were designed to work seamlessly with each other on Verizon’s fiber-optic network. Get the most from your FiOS services when you bundle all three in a FiOS Triple Play.

Double Play with Verizon FiOS Internet


A Double Play with Verizon FiOS Internet and FiOS TV lets you stream your favorite movies and TV shows to all of your web-enabled devices. Which means no more fighting over the remote control!


Take advantage of the FiOS network when you combine fiber-optic Internet with FiOS Digital Voice. You will enjoy FiOS Internet speeds that will blow you away.

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