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Verizon Fios Internet

The fastest 1 and most reliable Internet available.

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50/50 Mbps Internet

$39.99 /mo for yr 1 + taxes, equip. charges & other fees.2

Don’t settle for less than 100% of the Internet.

In some areas of the country, Internet speeds can even reach 500/500 Mbps.


Verizon Fios Speeds

Fios Internet

50/50 Mbps

Game online and stream video with virtually no lag time. It’s a breeze to upload or download.

Fios Internet

100/100 Mbps

Households with multiple users on several devices: This fiber Internet plan was made for you. There’s enough broadband to connect all your devices.

Fios Internet

150/150 Mbps

Engage in media-rich activity on multiple devices all at once. If your family stays connected all the time, get the speed you need with this fiber-optic Internet plan.

Fios Internet

500/500 Mbps

Everyone’s devices can stream, game, download, and more. This is the ultimate in fiber-optic Internet speed, built to test the limits. What could you accomplish with this much speed?

Fios Internet Features

Fios speed allows you to connect laptops, smartphones, tablets and more, all at once. And with the Verizon Fios Mobile App3, you can stream your favorite shows on your compatible web-enabled device.

Take Your Favorite Shows With You.

With the Fios Mobile App, you can watch popular channels like Nickelodeon, HBO, HGTV and more on your compatible device. You can also stream On Demand programing, and schedule recordings remotely, right from your phone.


Fios Quantum Gateway Router

Fast Fios Internet meets its match with the equally impressive Fios Quantum Gateway Router. It’s our most powerful router yet – available to rent or buy with the internet speed of your choice. What do you get with Fios Internet? Internet and Wi-Fi signal with a broader range in and around your home. Plus, added security measures like WPA encryption, enhanced parental controls and a separate guest connection can give you added peace of mind. Ask about the Fios Quantum Gateway Router when you call to order your Fios plan.

Which Verizon Fios Internet package fits me best?

Fios Internet speeds (paired with the Fios Quantum router) is great for downloading HD movies and uploading high-resolution photos.

If your family constantly downloads and streams, fiber Internet delivers the bandwidth you need. Fios packages of 150/150Mbps get you there. Download a standard-definition movie (1.5GB) in less than 2 minutes.4

Verizon has options that deliver what you need.

The 50/50Mbps fiber-optic Internet plan fits your budget. Download a standard-definition movie (1.5GB) in 4.1 minutes.4

Fios Speed: An upgrade in home Internet

The fastest1 and most reliable Internet available. With Fios Internet, open a world of amazing entertainment. Every screen can become your source for music, movies and more.

  • Download a blockbuster to your laptop for movie night
  • Upload your high-resolution photos from your weekend away on your tablet
  • Stream music on your smartphone while you cook dinner
  • Browse, stream, and update social media, all at once, all with virtually no slowdown
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Bundle Verizon Internet service with additional Fios services

Internet bundles with other fiber-optic services from Verizon allow you to take full advantage of the Fios network.

Tablet, laptop, and phone with football images

Triple Play with Verizon Fios Internet

Fios Internet + Fios TV + Fios Digital Voice

All Verizon Fios services were designed to work seamlessly with each other on Verizon’s fiber-optic network. Get the most from your Fios services when you bundle all three in a Fios Triple Play.

Double Play with Verizon Fios Internet

Fios Internet + Fios TV

A Double Play with Verizon Fios Internet and Fios TV lets you stream your favorite movies and TV shows to all of your web-enabled devices. Which means no more fighting over the remote control.

Fios Internet + Fios Digital Voice

Take advantage of the Fios network when you combine fiber-optic Internet with Fios Digital Voice. You will enjoy Fios Internet speeds that will blow you away.

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