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What Is The Difference Between Verizon Fios And Standard Services?

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For unsurpassed performance and reliability, a 100% fiber-optic network makes all the difference. Fios® Internet, Fios® TV and Fios® Digital Voice are all integrated into the technologically advanced network, giving you:

  • Faster download speeds
  • Unbeatable picture quality
  • Clearer phone service

Verizon’s lineup of Fios services offers impressive speed, quality and reliability. However, its fiber-optic network isn’t available everywhere. If Fios isn’t available in your area yet, Verizon’s standard lineup of products also offer high-quality and reliable service.

100% Fios network
TV, Laptop, and Phone

Verizon Standard Services

Standard services from Verizon are no less impressive in performance and customer experience, including High Speed Internet and home phone.

These services are available in more areas because they run over copper wiring

Verizon’s High Speed Internet offers a connection that's quick and steady. It's the right amount of bandwidth to share between all the people and devices in your home. Everyone can get online at the same time.

Bundling options for Fios and standard services

Fios Bundles

Two’s company and three’s even better when you save with Verizon Fios bundles. The more Fios services you bundle together in a Double Play or Triple Play, the greater discounts you get every month.

PLUS, Fios services all run on the 100% fiber-optic network so they can interact seamlessly with each other.

  • Stream the latest Fios On Demand movies on web-enabled devices
  • Monitor your incoming and outgoing phone calls on your TV from the comfort of your couch
  • Manage your Fios Digital Voice account settings online
  • Download HD movies and upload hundreds of photos and large files at incredible speeds

Standard Bundles

Bundle High Speed Internet with Verizon standard phone service to enjoy the convenience of one monthly bill for products you use every day.

  • Verizon High Speed Internet isn’t just fast, it’s consistently fast. Your service stays reliable even during times of the day when internet traffic is heavy.
  • Verizon has over 100 years of telephone experience. You can rest easy knowing Verizon’s phone service provides the peace of mind of being reachable when you need it most.
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