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What can Verizon Fios add to your daily routine in Arlington, Virginia? A suite of services included in Verizon Fios can make a world of difference, whether it’s to check out your favorite football team’s schedule or calling friends for a ride to the Annual Clarendon Mardi Gras Parade.

Verizon Fios residential home services include:

  • Fios® TV
  • Fios® Digital Voice
  • Fios® Internet

If you’re an eligible resident in Arlington, boost your entertainment and connectivity choices with Verizon Fios.

Better performance has everything to do with the fiber optics

Verizon’s 100% pure fiber-optic network is incredible. When you connect with Verizon Fios in Arlington, you can do all the things you love to do online at blazing speeds. In Fios® coverage areas, it is smooth sailing when you share, connect, surf and download.

If you live in the Verizon coverage area, you can:

  • Own your opponents in Halo, even if someone’s downloading music in the same room
  • Catch a Saturday baseball game in crystal-clear HD
  • Plan your day at the Smithsonian while streaming your kids’ favorite music at the same time

With Verizon Fios, you get pure fiber optics to your home – not copper wiring that local cable companies use. It’s all because Verizon Fios is the nation’s largest 100% pure fiber-optic network. That means your photos are crisper, your sound better and your overall experience is exceptional.

The all-digital difference is huge for Arlington with Verizon Fios TV

Make it movie night any night on your laptop or tablet when you download the latest blockbuster. You’ll also enjoy a variety of choices in HD programming with Verizon Fios. Quality screen time is easy for eligible residences in Arlington.


Fios Digital Voice from Verizon will change the way you talk

Some calls are too important to miss – and with Verizon Fios Digital Voice, you won’t have to. Call forwarding is one of more than 20 calling features designed to streamline your phone use.

  • Block your Caller ID on outbound calls
  • Sync your calendar to your smartphone, so you won’t miss your kid’s field trip to Fort Myer
  • Check your voicemail by email while you're in line at Harris Teeter, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s

Verizon Fios Internet is in Arlington, VA

Tweet, update and download, all with spectacular speeds with Verizon Fios Internet. If your residence is within the Verizon Fios coverage area, you can:

  • Keep in touch with local events such as the annual Police, Fire, and Sheriff 9/11 Memorial Race
  • Stream your kids’ favorite channels while you make dinner
  • Research with fast Internet speeds as you plan your weekend exploring everything Arlington has to offer, such as the Arlington National Cemetery or Mount Vernon Trail

Residents of Arlington typically see average download speeds of 27.56 Mbps (NetIndex, October 9, 2013). But did you also know that download speeds in some Verizon Fios coverage areas can reach up to 500 Mbps?

Is Verizon Fios available where you live in Arlington?

A fast connection and a wealth of entertainment could be yours. To find out more about Verizon Fios Internet, TV and Digital Voice, call 1.888.268.4820. You’ll have the knowledge of our fantastic customer service representatives to help you decide the services you need.

Or, enter your zip code in this zip code checker to discover the options where you live in Arlington, VA.

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