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Verizon Fios in Bronx, NY.

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The Bronx offers a wealth of entertainment and activities. Located only 27 minutes (pending traffic) from New York City and 40 minutes from Manhattan Beach, Bronx residents are close enough to some of New York’s most interesting attractions. And now eligible residents can also enjoy the home services of the Verizon Fios network, including:

  • Fios® Digital Voice
  • Fios® Internet
  • Fios® TV

Verizon Fios - backed by the power of fiber-optic technology

Verizon Fios uses a network completely fueled by fiber optics – strands of hair-thin glass that carry data in the form of light. Local cable companies still use the traditional copper wiring as part of their network infrastructure.

The Fios® network is the nation’s largest 100% fiber-optic network. That means you’ll enjoy unbeatable TV images, reliable Internet speeds and a home phone that lets you do more than make and receive calls.

Fios Internet brings the speed you need to The Bronx, NY

If you’re one of the 1,380,000 Bronx residents who is eligible for Fios services, you can enjoy the high speeds of Fios Internet.

With the fiber-optic capabilities of Fios, your Internet connection can support multiple web-enabled devices logged on at the same time.

  • Research your next vacation destination online while streaming your favorite music
  • Maintain maximum Internet speed while everyone in the house is also logged on with their own web-enabled devices
  • Explore everything happening at the Bronx Zoo this weekend on your tablet while your son plays his favorite online games in the next room

Fios TV brings entertainment to every room and web-enabled device in your home

With Verizon Fios TV, you’ll have over 625 digital channels and over 185 HD channels to keep everyone in the house entertained. And when you combine Fios TV with Fios Internet, you’ll have access to thousands of On Demand movies and TV shows available to stream, download and rent on all your web-enabled devices.

  • Record your favorite team’s home opener while enjoying an all-day TV show marathon
  • Download your favorite series from Netflix on your tablet to watch while you visit the #1 attraction in the Bronx, the New York Botanical Garden
  • Start watching your favorite classic movie on HBO® in the living room, then finish it in bed before going to sleep

Fios Digital Voice gives you complete control over your home phone

The reason to have a landline phone in the modern age? Preserve your cell phone minutes while at home AND manage your incoming calls and voicemails. With the 20+ features of Fios Digital Voice, you can manage your incoming calls and messages easily.

  • Sync your calendars with Fios Digital Voice so the family won’t miss the annual Bronx Week Celebration
  • Bypass the string of emails and get your friends together to enjoy a day at Van Cortlandt Park
  • Send late-night calls straight to your voicemail so they don’t wake the kids on a school night

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