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Verizon Fios in Brooklyn, NY.

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One of the most populated boroughs in New York City, Brooklyn is now home to Verizon Fios, the nation’s largest 100% fiber-optic network.

Here's what Verizon Fios has to offer for eligible Brooklyn residents :

See how a 100% fiber-optic network can improve your home

Some cable companies have a fiber-optic network, but not like Verizon’s. While most cable companies still use copper wiring in their networks, the Fios® network is powered solely by fiber-optic cables.

How do you benefit from a 100% fiber-optic network?

You’ll enjoy unbeatable TV quality, great sound during your phone calls and America’s fastest5 and most reliable Internet available. Verizon Fios lets you do more with a better entertainment and communications experience.

Experience the best possible entertainment with Fios TV

Bring Fios TV into your Brooklyn home and enjoy more than 625 all-digital channels and over 185 HD channels. With so many options, there’s always something on TV for everyone in your home. And when you combine Fios TV with Fios Internet, you’ll be able to download thousands of TV and movie titles to your web-enabled devices.

  • Download your favorite movie at an incredibly fast speed before heading out for a jog on the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Cheer for your football team in stunning HD quality
  • Record your favorite shows to enjoy any time you want

Verizon Fios Internet service is in Brooklyn, NY

As a resident of New York, you can expect an average Internet download speed of 25.09 Mbps (NetIndex, as of October 9, 2013). But is that enough speed for everyone in your house to get online at the same time? If you experience slow page loads, excessive buffering or general frustration when you get online, it’s time to look at Verizon Fios Internet.

  • Experience virtually no lag time when you’re streaming your favorite series online
  • While streaming your favorite music, read about all of the things happening around town at
  • Download your favorite band’s latest album in seconds before you see them live at Union Hall or Littlefield

Manage calls to your home and more with Fios Digital Voice

With Verizon Fios Digital Voice, you have more control over your home phone. With more than 20 features that let you organize incoming calls and voice messages, Fios Digital Voice provides a landline experience for the modern age.

  • Get friends together to visit the Brooklyn Museum on a 3-way call instead of a string of emails or texts
  • Send calls from your Fios Digital Voice phone to your smartphone so you don’t miss any calls while enjoying Saturday morning brunch with friends
  • Block unwanted calls from coming through during family movie night

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How can I check Verizon Fios availability in Brooklyn, NY?

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You can also call 1.888.268.4820 to speak with one of our customer service representatives to determine which plans and products are right for your home.

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