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Long Island, New York, is famous for more than just The Hamptons and its popular attractions. The filming site of “The Godfather” is also the birthplace of famous American poet Walt Whitman. And now Long Island is also home to Verizon Fios.

Fios® gives you the best in home services, including:

  • Fios® TV
  • Fios® Digital Voice
  • Fios® Internet

The power of the Fios network, backed by state-of-the-art fiber-optic technology

The Verizon Fios network brings crystal-clear phone calls, unbeatable picture quality and incredible Internet speeds into eligible homes on Long Island. It’s all possible through the 100% fiber optics that make up the Fios network.

What makes fiber-optic technology better than traditional coaxial cables? Fiber optics transmit data in the form of light through hair-thin bundles of glass. And unlike copper wiring, fiber-optic cables can easily increase their capacity to carry more information through light signals. As your home’s needs for faster Internet or more TV channels increase, the Fios network can easily accommodate the data expansion.

Enjoy the hottest TV series and latest movies with Fios TV

Fios TV offers eligible homes on Long Island an incredible lineup of hundreds of all-digital channels, many of them in HD. And with Fios On Demand, you’ll be able to enjoy thousands of titles at home or on the go with your tablet, laptop or smartphone.

  • Let the kids watch their favorite Disney movies in one room, while you and your friends watch the big Sunday game in another
  • Search for and record new and classic films featuring Long Island natives, such as Billy Joel, Steve Buscemi and Alec Baldwin
  • Stream your favorite movie On Demand while you wait for your flight out of LaGuardia Airport

Every call in crystal-clear quality – with Fios Digital Voice

Fios Digital Voice is a landline phone for the modern age. With more than 20 calling features, Fios Digital Voice helps your home run smoother.

  • Easily sync and manage all of your calendars online, so you never miss your daughter’s soccer practice or the Oyster Fest
  • Skip the chain of emails and jump on a 3-way call with friends to organize a trip to a baseball game
  • Forward nighttime calls to an automated message and enjoy a quiet evening

Fios Internet brings ultra-fast upload and download speeds to eligible homes on Long Island

Only Fios customers get upload speeds as fast as their download speeds. Long Island residents don't have to settle for less than 100% of the internet. In some areas of the country, Fios download speeds can even reach up to 500 Mbps.

If your household uses multiple web-enabled devices, Fios Internet has the speed plans you need to go online with virtually no lag time. Keep everyone in the family happy with the fast speeds of Fios.

  • Gamers will love the ability to play for hours without other Internet activities interrupting their online experience
  • Upload hundreds of photos from your last vacation in minutes, not hours
  • Stream your favorite TV series on your computer or laptop while the kids are downloading their favorite songs

The faster speeds from Fios Internet let everyone in your house do what they enjoy online, without worrying about slowing down everyone else using the same Internet connection.

I live on Long Island. How do I know if I’m available for Fios services?

Depending on where you live on Long Island, New York, you may be within the Verizon coverage area for Fios.

Enter your zip code in our zip code checker to see if Fios is available in your neighborhood. You can also call one of our Fios experts at 1.888.268.4820. They’ll help you determine which Fios Internet, TV or phone plan will work best for your home.

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