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Verizon Fios debuts in NYC

What’s the best way to stay in tune with everything going on in New York City? Verizon Fios residential services.

Whether you cheer for the city's football or baseball teams, if you live in certain areas of the Big Apple, Verizon Fios could be the right choice for you.

Verizon coverage in New York City can bring some residents:

  • Fios® Internet
  • Fios® TV
  • Fios® Digital Voice

What can fiber optics do for eligible residents of New York City, New York?

  • Offer over 185 HD channels and over 625 digital channels
  • Give you the capacity to connect more devices all at once, with virtually no lag time

A 100% fiber-optic network makes it possible. Get online faster and smoother on a more dependable network when you choose Verizon Fios to make your home a prime spot for your multitasking lifestyle.

Not only in New York City, but in many homes in America, there’s a need for more than one device to connect to the Internet at any given time. With Fios®, households that regularly use more than one TV and web-enabled device can bypass the wait for site loads and the battle for control of remotes and screens.

Incredible speeds from Fios Internet

In some areas of the country, Verizon Fios download speeds can reach up to 500 Mbps. With that kind of speed, you’ll do more than browse the web and check headlines.

  • Download the HD version of your favorite movie titles in a flash
  • Stream music in one room while a family member gets their Halo gaming fix in the next
  • Watch the latest football game on your tablet while you stay home with the kids

Experience digital programming as it was meant to be with Fios TV

Wait until you see the array of HD programs and all-digital channels with Verizon Fios TV. You don’t even have to be in front of your TV to enjoy the best of Fios TV. When you combine Fios Internet with TV service, you can watch your favorite programs on your web-enabled devices by:

  • Downloading NYC’s hottest underground band’s album to your tablet
  • Streaming your favorite HBO® shows on your smartphone
  • Catching SNL classics on your laptop

When you bundle Fios TV with Fios Internet, just get online to let the entertainment begin.


Fios Digital Voice gives crystal clarity to calls in NY

Fios Digital Voice features such as Caller ID ensure that you’ll get your family’s important calls. Verizon’s home phone also ensures you won’t miss:

  • The latest episode of Homeland because you answered an unimportant phone call
  • That invitation by phone from friends to meet at Sushi Yasuda for dinner
  • A call with the latest score update from your friends at the baseball game

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