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Located in the heart of New York, Syracuse was once known for being the main salt distributor in the United States. Today, Syracuse is now considered a hub of outdoor activity, entertainment and cultural activity for the Finger Lakes Region.

And now that Verizon Fios is available in Syracuse, eligible residents can enjoy an outstanding lineup of home services that include TV, Internet and phone.

Experience the difference of a fiber-optic network

Local cable company Time Warner Cable can’t promise a 100% fiber-optic network like Verizon Fios. That’s because most cable companies still use coaxial cables to deliver home Internet and entertainment.

Verizon doesn’t. That’s why eligible customers can enjoy TV picture that’s crisp, an Internet connection that can handle more bandwidth and carry data faster, as well as home phone service that lets all your calls come in crystal clear.

Get more channels and more control over when you watch them with Fios TV

Your entertainment revolves around your schedule with Fios® TV. Record multiple shows and enjoy them when you choose. Start watching a movie or TV show in one room and finish watching it in another. When you combine Fios TV with Fios® Internet, download thousands of TV and movie titles to any web-enabled device.

With over 185 HD channels and over 625 digital channels to choose from, there’s always something worth watching on Fios TV.

  • With HD quality, you’ll feel like you’re on the court as your favorite basketball team competes for an invitation to the Big Dance
  • Love watching The History Channel? Take your passion to the next level and explore the Erie Canal Museum
  • Record the kids’ favorite shows on Animal Planet to watch after spending a day at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Fios Internet brings you a better Internet experience right to your door

Backed by the 100% fiber-optic Fios® network, Verizon Internet has the ability to reach up to 500 Mbps in some parts of the country. That blows away the average national download speed of 19.81 Mbps (Source:, October 2013).

Even in New York, the average download speed is only around 25.08 Mbps, according to NetIndex (October 8, 2013).

But imagine what you could do if you had a faster, more reliable Internet connection.

  • Research activities available at Onondaga Lake Park before taking the family out for a day trip
  • Watch Homeland on your tablet while the kids play online in their bedrooms
  • Download your favorite albums and gaming apps to your tablet before you catch a flight out of Syracuse Hancock International Airport

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Stay on top of incoming calls and important messages with Fios Digital Voice

Fios® Digital Voice lets you break away from your traditional landline phone and receive calls and voicemail notifications on your mobile phone. Now you don’t have to worry about missing important phone calls when you’re not at home, or using valuable cell phone minutes when you are.

Fios Digital Voice lets you connect to friends in Syracuse, New York and all over the country with the same crystal-clear sound.

  • Make sure you don’t miss the Great New York State Fair or the Annual Great Syracuse Oktoberfest this year when you sync your calendar with Fios Digital Voice
  • Send important calls straight to your mobile phone so you can watch your daughter’s lacrosse practice instead of waiting by the phone
  • Don’t let evening calls interrupt your family dinner - Fios Digital Voice lets you send them straight to voicemail

How can I see if my home in Syracuse, NY, is eligible for Verizon Fios?

Checking for Verizon availability is easy with our zip code checker. Enter your zip code, and you’ll know immediately if your residence is eligible for Verizon Fios home services.

To find out what plans and services fit your lifestyle, call 1.888.268.4820. One of our customer service representatives can help you determine which Double or Triple Play suits your needs.

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