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Verizon Fios Internet speeds: do more faster.

See how fast you can go with Verizon Fios speed.

50/50 Mbps Internet

$39.99 /mo for yr 1 + taxes, equip. charges & other fees.1
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How fast is Verizon Fios?

Can your current Internet download an HD movie in just minutes? Verizon Fios speeds can. With some areas getting up to 500 Mbps1 Fios® Internet speed, doing what you love is faster than ever.

Blazing fast Verizon speed launches your entertainment to the next level.

Watch more.

Stream more.

Enjoy more.

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What are Mbps?

Mbps stands for megabits per second – it’s how we measure Internet speed. Everything you do online requires a different amount of data to load. A “bit” measures that data. The higher Mbps, the more data you can load in a given amount of time.

Get an idea of how Verizon Fios speeds affect your online activities by the amount of time it takes to accomplish different things.


*Download time estimates based on maximum connection speeds. Actual speeds will vary.

Build your home services on an Internet that gives you the speed you need. Your household has needs based on the number of devices you use and what you do online. Get the perfect Internet package for your home with Verizon.

What is my current speed?

Check out how your home Internet speeds compare to Verizon Fios Internet speeds with an online speed test. If they’re too slow, call to upgrade your speeds with Verizon!

What does it mean for me?

Fast Internet speeds can make a world of difference for everyone at home. With a faster Internet, anyone in the house can connect to do what they love.

  • Check emails – correspond with coworkers or loved ones in the blink of an eye
  • Watch videos – pull up the latest YouTube sensation
  • Load movies – snuggle up for a night at home with a movie ready in minutes
  • Update social media – let your friends and followers know what’s new with you
  • Stream music – sing along to your favorite tunes whenever you want to hear them
  • Share pictures – send or upload pictures in seconds to keep family and friends in the loop

Do what you love online in a moment’s notice with Verizon Fios Internet speeds.

Get connected.

With Verizon’s high speed wireless router, you can connect multiple devices at once. Everyone can do what they need to at the same time with Verizon Fios Internet speed.

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Gaming consoles
  • Laptops
  • And more!

Connect any of your compatible devices from any room in the house.

Want the fastest Verizon Fios speeds? Get Fios Gigabit Connection.

Fios Gigabit Connection offers the top Verizon Internet speed with speeds ranging from 50/50 Mbps to 940/880 Mbps.

Gigabit internet speeds let you do more. Stream a show in the kitchen while someone plays an online game in the next room. Gigabit from Fios won’t slow you down anywhere in the house.

When it comes to Internet, faster is better. Get great service with Verizon Fios speeds. Upgrade your home today with a bundle from Fios and get the speeds you need.

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1Fios available in select areas. 500 Mbps/500 Mbps service availability may be limited in your area based on network qualification requirements.

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