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Backed By Over 100 Years of Telephone Experience

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Regional Essentials & HSI (.5 to 1 Mbps)

44.99 /mo
for 1 year plus taxes & fees. Speeds .5 to 1 Mbps. Verizon home phone service required.1

Verizon home phone service provides the peace of mind of being reachable when you need it most. Even when the power goes out, rest assured that you’ll have a reliable copper wiring connection with Verizon phone service.

With Verizon’s home phone service, don’t get disconnected on the calls that matter the most. Enjoy conversations that aren’t distorted or plagued by crackling. Conversations mean more with Verizon phone service.

Cordless Phone

Verizon Freedom Essentials

With the Verizon Freedom® Essentials plan, enjoy unlimited local, regional and long-distance calls.2 No matter if it’s a call to Canada or China, Puerto Rico or Portugal, Verizon’s unlimited long distance calling with Freedom Essentials keeps you in touch with a reliable connection.

PLUS, Verizon Freedom Essentials includes 5 of our most popular home phone features, including:

Home Voice Mail Never miss an important message. Home Voice Mail forwards missed calls to voice mail and lets you access them from any touch-tone phone.
Caller ID Always know who’s on the other line with Verizon Caller ID.
Call Waiting Know when a second call comes in while you’re on the phone. Choose to answer the second caller or continue with your initial conversation.
Call Forwarding Send your calls to another number – local, long distance or mobile – and make sure you never miss a call again.
3-Way Calling Add in a third person to any two-way conversation.

Bonus Verizon Call Assistant with your Verizon Freedom Essentials plan at no additional cost 2

Don’t settle for cheap phone service. Verizon’s Home Phone Service also offers Verizon Call Assistant for free.

Here’s what you’ll get with Verizon Call Assistant:

  • Caller ID Logs
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Online Address Book
  • Notification for Incoming Calls and Voice Mails

When you combine Verizon Call Assistant with High Speed Internet, you have the convenience of easily managing all Verizon Call Assistant features online. Save time during your day with this helpful tool, as well as money in your wallet when you bundle Verizon standard phone and standard Internet together.

Verizon Regional Essentials

Regional Essentials is an affordable standard home service plan, including:

  • Local calling
  • Regional calling
  • Your choice of 3 calling features

If your household doesn’t make many long-distance phone calls, the Regional Essentials plan could fit your home phone needs and your budget.

Available add-on home phone service features

International Plans

Stay in touch with family and friends around the globe at an affordable rate.

Extra Verizon home phone calling features

OnePoint Voice Mail Have all voice mails from up to 5 telephone numbers sent to one voice mailbox.
*69 Identify your last incoming call simply by dialing *69.
Non-Listed Service Keep your name and telephone number from being listed in the phone directory.
Non-Published Service Keep your name and telephone number from being listed in the phone directory AND unavailable by dialing directory assistance (411).
Selective Blocking Keep your name and number from showing up on Caller ID displays.
Busy Redial Automatically redial a busy number for up to 30 minutes. A distinctive ring will alert you when the line is free and automatically connect you too.
Call Waiting ID See the name and phone number of the person calling you when you’re already on the phone.
Speed Dialing 8 Enjoy single-digit dialing for your top 8 phone numbers.
** Features and prices may vary state by state.

Verizon’s Inside Wire Maintenance Plan

In addition to a 99.9% reliable3 network, Verizon offers an optional monthly plan to protect the inside wiring and jacks for your home phone service.

With Verizon’s home phone service, don’t get disconnected on the calls that matter most

Verizon provides a voice network with 99.9% reliability. Backed by over 100 years of telephone experience, Verizon’s phone service provides the security of being reachable when you need it most.

Most importantly, with Verizon’s home phone service, you’ll know where to find a reliable connection even when the power goes out.

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