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Tech Trends 2017

Every year we see continuing advances in Technology. From smartphones to gaming consoles – there continues to be an enormous amount of hype built around new tech releases throughout the year.   This begs the question, which devices and tech end up being the most... read more

Home Router Placement Guide

Have you been having issues with your wifi speed? Unsure of the best place to put your router so you and your family can get the best signal possible? Knowing where to place your router can be difficult and can drastically affect the speed of your internet. We have... read more

Tech Career Toolkit

TECH RESUME TIPS If you’re looking for a tech-related job opportunity, we’ve got good news: The tech space is the place to be. From virtual reality to IoT innovations, the industry is gearing up for exponential growth. The possibilities are endless, but the... read more

The Top 5 Most Talked About Smart Devices

What once felt like a gimmick, smart home automation is becoming a normal part of everyday life for people across the world. In fact, an IHS Markit study cited by CNBC reported that “in 2016, 80 million smart home devices were delivered worldwide, a 64 percent... read more

The Tech Refresh – August 2017

Welcome to a new Bookmark series called Tech Refresh. Each month we’ll highlight one tech conference and one startup that are doing big things in the industry. Enjoy, and check back for next month’s Tech Refresh! Upcoming conference – VMworld 2017... read more