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Have you been having issues with your wifi speed? Unsure of the best place to put your router so you and your family can get the best signal possible? Knowing where to place your router can be difficult and can drastically affect the speed of your internet. We have created an interactive guide to the best (and worst) places to put your router. Using this interactive guide, you can see the pros or cons of putting your router in different areas of your home.

Use our photosphere to get a 360 degree view of an entryway, living room and kitchen of a home. Within this view, we have compiled the most common areas people place a router (marked with a pin). You can scroll over each pin to read a description about what makes this spot a good or bad place for a router. The red pins mark places that are less ideal for a router and the green pins are optimal places for a router. This guide can be viewed in full screen mode and has been made VR compatible, allowing for a completely immersive experience.