Smart Home: The Future of Home Automation

smart-vacuum smart-bulb smart-sensor smart-vacuum smart-bulb smart-sensor
Smart Vacuum

Unlike previous robot vacuums, smart vacuums can be controlled via your smartphone or smart assistant. Most will even learn the layout of your home, knowing where walls and furniture could stop it from running. Want to come home to a spotless house? You can start your vacuum and schedule it to finish cleaning before you leave work.

Smart Light Bulbs

Incorporate smart light bulbs into your home and never lift a finger to turn off a lamp again. They fit into any lamp and can be controlled by your smart device. You can also turn them on remotely, so you’ll never have to come back to a dark house. Some smart light bulbs even let you schedule times for your lights to turn on while you’re away. This can help prevent potential security threats.

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors provide an added layer of security to your doors and windows. Easy to install and compatible with both smart hubs and security systems, they connect to your smartphone and will alert you to any potential break-ins. Some will send you an alert if you forget to close a door or window, or let you arm and disarm the sensors directly from your smartphone.