Smart Home: The Future of Home Automation

smart-camera smart-garage smart-door-sensor smart-lock smart-doorbell smart-sprinkler smart-camera smart-garage smart-door-sensor smart-lock smart-doorbell smart-sprinkler
Smart Security Cameras

Connected to the cloud, smart security cameras offer convenient storage. When you sync a smart security camera with your smartphone, you can check in on your home in real time. Some are motion sensitive and record whenever movement is detected and send an alert to your smartphone. Many have two-way voice communication, making it even easier to chat with your kids or pets while you’re at work.

Smart Garage Door

Easily paired with your smartphone, your smart garage door can be operated from anywhere. Or, if you have a smart assistant, you can open and close your garage door via voice command. Some even let you check your garage’s temperature, receive alerts when the garage door opens and schedule a time everyday for when the garage door should close.

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors provide an added layer of security to your doors and windows. Easy to install and compatible with both smart hubs and security systems, they connect to your smartphone and will alert you to any potential break-ins. Some will send you an alert if you forget to close a door or window, or let you arm and disarm the sensors directly from your smartphone.

Smart Locks

With features like remote unlocking, scheduled locking and guest access capabilities, smart locks ensure you know who’s in your home at all times. You can also use your smartphone to unlock your door from anywhere to let in deliveries or guests. Pair smart locks with your smart assistant to open your door via voice commands. Some smart locks allow you to set a geofence around your home, so when you leave the perimeter, your door will automatically lock.

Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells let you see who’s at the door without having to get off the couch. Paired with your smartphone, you can see and speak with whoever is outside using the doorbell’s integrated camera and intercom. They also have motion sensors that, when triggered, prompt the doorbell to send you a picture or video clip whenever someone comes near your front door.

Smart Sprinklers

Not only do smart sprinklers help reduce water bills and are more eco-friendly, they’ll also ensure you have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood. Most smart sprinklers run themselves, using the local forecast to create a personalized watering schedule that adjusts depending on rain or snow. They’ll sync with your smartphone and alert you of any changes, or you can adjust your sprinklers yourself even while away from home.